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[MOD] Poll for Challenge 10 (POLL CLOSED)

Here are the choices for what to do with the next challenge:


Poll #1940752 Revamp

What to do with challenge 10

Skip challenge 10, go onto challenge 11 with new prompts and submissions
Skip challenge 10, go onto challenge 11 with new prompts but keep the old submissions from challenge 10 in the voting
Keep going with challenge 10 (including the old prompts and old submissions)

This poll will close on Nov. 1!
[exo] sehun (2)

get on like fire, stubborn like rain

Title: get on like fire, stubborn like rain
Author: playfulmelodies
Pairing/Members: Sehun/Kai
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: picture
Warnings (highlight): some strong language, excessive use of italics, thinking in capitals, (friendlyish) bullying, ridiculous amounts of ridiculous, alternating timelines, jongin is a man, i wrote this in the early hours of the morning over the course of two days please proceed with caution, lu han.
Summary: It’s too late to put himself in reverse when the one who’s pulling Jongin in is the one he wants the most. [AU, 14k]

it's wonderful to fall, let's love and risk it all
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you are my own brand of caffeine (killing me slowly with the addiction)

Title: you are my own brand of caffeine (killing me slowly with the addiction)
Author: tepid-coffee
Pairing: Jongin/Kyungsoo (Kaisoo)
Rating: NC-15
Prompt: Written prompt
WC: 5k+
Summary: Jongin sees everything in shadows, in cinnamon brown, in hellish orange and icy blue.

Each colour triggers a different memory of them together.

mod: posting for tepid_coffee
(exo) jongin - dreams

challenge 10

The Prompts



dormiveglia - the space that stretches between sleeping and waking ©

The Rules
- There will not be a word limit in this challenge. But please keep it within a one-shot length.
- This must be focused on an EXO pairing or member. You may include other people in the kpop industry as side characters.
- All ratings and genres are allowed for this challenge.
- You must use at least one of the prompts. You may combine the two together. You do not need to use the word in the fic or even copy the definition. As long as your fan fic pertains to the general definition. This also goes for the picture prompt.
- The fan fiction must be written for this challenge. No reusing fics.
- 2nd person POV is not allowed.
- OC (Original characters/fictional characters) are not allowed.
- Have fun!

Please have these labels when you submit your fan fiction:
(Please write out the full names of the people in your pairing)
(the picture or definition)
You may add other things, but the ones above are required.
>> mod note! because i am not nancy and because nancy is in china, we currently cannot add a new tag for challenge 10 (its a mod thing, and i apologize for the inconvenience), so don't worry about the tags - we'll get them for you!!

July 22 → Challenge 09 starts
Aug 6 → Challenge 09 ends and voting begins. All fan fiction must be submitted at this time.
Aug 9 → Voting ends.
Aug 11 → Winners will be announced.